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Welcome to Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC

At Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC, we focus on high-quality businesses that have the potential to generate superior returns. Conestoga's investment team seeks to accomplish this goal by focusing our extensive research efforts on Micro, Small, SMid, and Mid Cap Growth Equity strategies.

Conestoga strives to meet or exceed our clients’ investment objectives by delivering long-term investment returns that compare favorably to their benchmarks. By investing in these small to mid-cap equities, we seek companies with sustainable earnings growth rates and robust business models designed to reward shareholders over the long-term. We combine this core competency with our dedication to excellent client service. 

Our Services and Products

Separate Accounts

Conestoga Capital Advisors offers separate account management for our Micro, Small, SMid, and Mid Cap Growth Equity strategies. Client assets are held at a custodian of the client’s choosing. We provide a client service program tailored to meet each of our client’s specific needs.

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Mutual Funds

To provide long-term growth of capital, Conestoga's portfolio managers utilize the same investment philosophy, style and process for our mutual funds that we have employed for our separate accounts since the firm's inception.

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Our professionals combine their individual expertise to forge a dynamic collective. We believe that the relatively long experience of our senior investment professionals and their tenure working together are unique, relative to most managers.  

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