Conestoga Small Cap Fund

The Portfolio Managers of the Conestoga Small Cap Fund are Bob Mitchell and Joe Monahan. Bob and Joe utilize the same investment philosophy, style and process for the Fund that has been employed in constructing separately managed small cap accounts since 1989.

Investment Objective: The Fund seeks to provide long-term growth of capital.

To open an account or for operational questions, please call the Fund's Servicing Agent (Ultimus Fund Distributors, LLC) at: (800) 494-2755.  You may also refer to the Fund's Prospectus and Applications below to assist in buying, exchanging and redeeming shares of each class of the Conestoga Small Cap Fund.


The Conestoga Small Cap Fund paid a long-term capital gain of $2.7583; with a record date of December 5th, ex-date of December 6th and payable date of December 7th, 2017.




Net Assets (3/31/18)


Minimum Initial Investment

Total Gross Operation Expenses

Total Net Operation Expenses*

Investor Class



$858.2 Mil





Institutional Class



$963.5 Mil





* Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC (the “Adviser”) has contractually agreed to limit the Fund’s ‘Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses’ to 0.90% (for the Institutional Class) and 1.10% (for the Investors Class) of the Fund’s average daily net assets until at least January 31, 2019, subject to termination at any time at the option of the Board of Trustees (the “Board”). 
(1) The Board of Trustees of the Trust will limit the Distribution (12b-1) Fees charged to Investors Class shares of the Fund to 0.05% of the average daily net assets attributable to Investors Class shares until at least September 31, 2018. 
(2) The Fund has adopted Shareholder Servicing Plans on behalf of the Investors Class and the Institutional Class that will allow the Fund to pay an annual fee of up to 0.25% (for Investors Class) and 0.10% (for Institutional Class) of its average daily net assets for providing services to the Fund’s Investors Class shareholders and Institutional Class shareholders, respectively.

Characteristics as of 3/31/18*

Price/Earnings (1 Yr. Fwd. incl. Neg.) 30.0x
Earnings Growth (3-5 Yr. Est.) 16.5%
PEG Ratio 1.82
Weighted Avg. Market Cap. $2,625 Mil
ROE (Last 5 Yr. Weighted Avg.) 15.0%
Long-Term Debt/Capital 20%
Turnover Rate - Trailing 12 Mos. 14.3%
Number of Holdings 50

*subject to change


Top Ten Holdings as of 3/31/18*

1.  Neogen Corp. 3.50%
2.  Descartes Systems Group Inc. 2.97%
3.  Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. 2.96%
4.  MGP Ingredients Inc. 2.89%
5.  Simpson Manufacturing Co. Inc. 2.89%
6.  Exponent Inc. 2.78%
7.  Bottomline Technologies Inc. 2.76%
8.  Omnicell Inc. 2.74%
9.  AAON Inc. 2.74%
10.Cantel Medical Corp. 2.71%

Performance as of 12/31/17*


QTD YTD 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 7 Years 10 Years Inception 10/1/2002 Inception 8/13/2014
CCASX 3.60% 28.44% 28.44% 16.54% 16.78% 14.12% 11.35% 12.39% N/A
CCALX 3.68% 28.74% 28.74% 16.79% N/A N/A N/A N/A 16.36%
Russell 2000 Growth 4.59% 22.17% 22.17% 10.28% 15.21% 12.34% 9.19% 11.80% 11.37%
Russell 2000 3.34% 14.65% 14.65% 9.96% 14.12% 11.62% 8.71% 11.29% 10.70%


Performance as of 3/31/18*


QTD YTD 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 7 Years 10 Years Inception 10/1/2002 Inception 8/13/2014
CCASX 2.19% 2.19% 26.18% 15.45% 14.27% 13.11% 12.56% 12.34% N/A
CCALX 2.23% 2.23% 26.46% 15.70% N/A N/A N/A N/A 15.87%
Russell 2000 Growth 2.30% 2.30% 18.63% 8.77% 12.90% 11.29% 10.95% 11.77% 11.25%
Russell 2000 -0.08% -0.08% 11.79% 8.39% 11.47% 10.39% 9.84% 11.10% 9.91%

* Performance returns are annualized after 1 year.  Performance is based upon closing NAV calculation on listed dates and represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results and current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted. Performance data includes reinvestment of dividends. Investment returns and principal value of an investment in Conestoga Small Cap Fund will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. For the Fund’s daily NAV, list of additional holdings, total return as of the most recent month-end and a copy of the Fund’s prospectus, please visit or call 1-800-320-7790.


Investors Share Class (CCASX) Information

Small Cap Fund Prospectus & Shareholder Reports

Institutional Share Class (CCALX) Information

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An investor should consider investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing.  Download a prospectus, which contains this information or call toll free 1-800-494-2755.  Read the prospectus carefully before investing or sending money.

Mutual Fund Investing involves risk, principal loss is possible.  Investment in the Fund is subject to investment risks, including, without limitation, equity risk, market risk, management risk, small company risk, mid cap stock risk, foreign investment risk, currency risk, large redemption risk. Funds that invest in small and mid cap stocks are often more volatile than large cap stocks.  Smaller companies generally face higher risks due to their limited product lines, markets and financial resources.  For more information about the Fund, including the Fund's objectives, charges, expenses and risks (including more information about the risks listed above), please read the prospectus.

Ultimus Fund Distributors, LLC. (Member FINRA & SIPC) serves as the Distributor to the Conestoga Funds.