Conestoga Small Cap Fund - Investors Share Class (CCASX)

How to Purchase Shares

This section provides information to assist you in buying shares of the Fund. You may buy shares on any business day at a price based on the NAV that is calculated after you place your order. Please read the entire Prospectus carefully before buying shares of the Fund.

You may purchase shares of the Fund through a broker-dealer with whom the Fund's distributor has entered into a sales agreement (an "Authorized Dealer") or directly from the Fund. The Fund will be deemed to have received a purchase order when an Authorized Dealer accepts the order. Authorized Dealers may charge a fee for handling your purchase, exchange or redemption order. If you place your order before the close of regular trading on the NYSE, you will receive the NAV that the Fund calculates that day. Orders placed after the close of regular trading on the NYSE will be priced at the next NAV that is calculated. The Fund reserves the right to reject any request to purchase shares of the Fund.

The minimum initial investment is $2,500; there is no minimum for subsequent investments.  The Fund is available for purchase on multiple platforms.  Please contact our Fund Adminstrator, Ultimus Fund Solutions, for platform information at 1-800-494-2755.

Purchase Procedures

If you choose to purchase shares of the Fund through an Authorized Dealer, you should contact the Authorized Dealer in person or by telephone.

The Fund has established an anti-money laundering compliance program as required by the USA Patriot Act. In order to ensure compliance with this law, the Fund must obtain the following information for all registered owners and all authorized individuals (corporate accounts require additional documentation):

  • Full name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Social Security number;
  • Permanent street address (a post office box is not acceptable).

Please note that your application will be returned if any information is missing. If you require additional assistance when completing your application, please call 1-800-494-2755.

If you wish to purchase shares directly through the Fund, you can do so by mail or by telephone on any business day once you have established an account. To establish an account, complete an account application and mail it with a check to:

Conestoga Small Cap Fund
c/o Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC
225 Pictoria Drive, Suite 450
Cincinnati, OH 45246

Additional purchases may be made by using the Fund's mailing address, or by calling 1-800-494-2755. Investors who wish to purchase, exchange or redeem Fund shares through a broker-dealer should contact the broker-dealer directly. 

Please refer to the Fund Prospectus for further details about purchasing shares of the Fund.